Monday, August 5, 2013

Letting Go of the "Medicinal" Stigma

For years (long before the severity of my clinical depression became apparent to me) I had read tons and tons of books, articles, blogs, forums, etc. on the mastery of self-healing.  Since the beginning of time we humans have used the powers of faith, prayer, rituals, healing stones, plants or other natural elements... and many other things in order to heal ourselves.
Looking back now I think I believed (without realizing it) that if I couldn't "heal myself" that meant I was not "good enough/spiritual enough".  I even went as far as to deprive myself of much needed mental health medication for over five years because I felt I had to be "strong enough" to deal with it on my own, to will my mind to be perfectly in balance. 

I am finally accepting that taking medication prescribed by a doctor for depression/anxiety does NOT mean your aren't "spiritual enough" because you could not conquer the illness on your own.

I have learned this the hard way this year.  I have also learned that denying yourself treatment in order to convince yourself that you can self-heal is not only a bit on the arrogant side, but it can be dangerous as well.  Taking meds now does not necessarily mean that you will have to be on them for the rest of your life.  I definitely think it is achievable to find wholeness and balance without medication.  But you shouldn't shame and practically crucify yourself if you are at a place in your life where you do need medication.

As people all of our bodies/minds/souls are very different.  Every person's history and current path to wellness is nonidentical, as is every person's reaction to these factors.  Some are born imbalanced, and others become that way later either through abuse or other forms of negativity and illness.

If you are a spiritual person (no matter what faith or creed you are) the first place to start healing is through prayer.  Spirit (God/dess, The Universe, Etc.) will likely heal you at some point and there is nothing wrong with being medicated while waiting for that change.  If it becomes apparent that you are on the path of restoration then consult a medical professional to help wean you to lower doses or to eventually stop altogether.  But if you don't get to that point then stay with what is working and thank Spirit that it is working, even if it DOES become a lifelong journey.

It is my prayer that not only will I remember this lesson for myself, but also that the stigma of being diagnosed or treated for anything related to mental health will lose its power.

Thinking of you with Love,

Deanna L. Moore

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  1. Love your writing and you and your message! <3